Investment Casting process, China specialist in stanless steel casting, carbon steel casting, aluminium casting, bronze casting, alloy casting, investment castings by lost wax casting, pressure die casting, metal stamping.
China Cast is Specialist in Cast Metal or Fully-machined investment castings, pressure die casting, metal stamping.
Products: Valve Parts, Pump Parts, Impellers, Auto Parts, Polishing Parts and so on.
Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, 17-4ph Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy, Bronze, Bronze Alloy, Brass, Brass Alloy, etc.
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CHINA CAST can design and manufacture different product according to customers different demand.
Good quality and reasonable price will promise our products strong competitiveness, CHINA CAST CAN HELPS YOU INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE.
Surface treatments:
Grinding, Mirror Polishing, Satin polishing, Zinc Plating, Electro-polishing,Grinding+E-polishing, Pickling, Sand Blasting, Painting, Black Oxide Coating, etc.
Industries / Applications:
Water Treatment, Chemical, Oil Field, Gas industry, Shipping Building, Food Processing Machinery,Construction,Mining Machinery,Paper Mill Industry,Auto Industry.

Cast Steel, Cast Aluminium, Cast Bronze
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China Cast Metal Manufacturing.

CHINA CAST CAN DO: Steel Investment Castings, Pressure Die Casting, high-pressure casting, low-pressure casting, Aluminium Casting, Metal Stamping, Investment castings process, Investment casting process
Investment cast stainless steel Aluminium Pressure Die Casting
Cast Stainless Steel by lost wax casting Pressure Die Casting, Aluminium Part Aluminium Sand Casting
Stainless Steel Pump Body Cast pum body, carbon steel Investment castings by lost wax cast Brass, Bronze investment castings Cast Brass with machining
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Investment Castings by lost wax casting Cast Pump body by Invesmtent castings investment casting parts & CNC machining Meat grinder accessory: Machine & polishing
Aluminium Pressure Die Casting, Aluminium High-pressure Die Casting, Aluminium Low-pressure Die Casting, Aluminum pressure die casting, Cast Aluminum, Aluminum high-pressure die casting, Aluminium casting
Aluminium Low-pressure Casting Cast Aluminium by Pressure Die Casting Aluminium Parts by High-pressure Casting Cast Aluminium by Low-pressure Die Casting
China Cast manufacture precision investment castings using a variety of metals including stainless steel,carbon steel, low alloys, copper base alloys, aluminium alloys, by silicasol lost wax casting process.
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